Best Online PhD Programs 2014

Computer users often surf on over to in order to find out what the best online PhD programs 2014 will be. This is a tough question. A few different metrics are used to measure it. Faculty training credentials, engagement of students and student services are all considered when ranking different schools together.

Indiana University-Bloomington/Kelly

This isn’t exactly the college that most people would expect to see listed amongst the top Doctorate programs in 2014. Nevertheless, it’s a traditional school that ranks high amongst the best cheap online Masters degree programs and accredited PhD programs in 2014 because of the fact that it extends the same quality it does to physical students to those who are online.

Washington State University

Even though the Pullman campus might be far away from many prospective students, the online education offered by this university is available to those from various geographical areas. That’s why people consider it to offer one of the greatest programs for Doctorate students in 2014.

Arizona State University Carey

Some people might consider this a branch campus, but it has some better best online PhD programs 2014 than larger comparable schools. Even if that seems unusual, it’s not something that should be knocked so easily. Give this one a try before jumping to conclusions about its inclusion with the best online PhD programs 2014.

California State University–Fullerton/Mihaylo

California state schools offer some of the best programs on the Web in 2014, and this campus has the best of those offered from that state. It’s a good school when it comes to offering general degrees, which some people really look for when they search for the top online PhD programs 2014.

University of Florida Hough

Technology is a huge driving force at this campus. The online learning system is a good deal more updated than what students transferring in from other online graduate programs might be used it. It’s also quite fast when it comes to loading times. That means dedicated students who use all of their time wisely can really get ahead by making sure to take advantage of the fact that the loading times are lower.