Best Online PhD Programs in Accounting

As of now there are many students who choose PhD in accounting online. This is for the reason that this PhD program is really one of the best and excellent programs students can choose from. On the other hand, students must need to be sure on their chosen degree because they will have a hard time studying if they are not happy with the program they choose. Besides, you might check list of the best PhD programs in Economics created by our experts. Do not miss this unique opportunity!

The PhD in accounting online is a smart choice. Anyone can have it as long as they want to enhance more their skills and abilities. Aside from this, for students who do not have any idea what university is best for them, then here are the lists of top universities.

PhD Accounting Online by Top Universities

  1. Stanford University: This university trains students to conduct research about accounting issues. The fact is that this university ranked second in the 27th Annual Professor Survey in the year 2008. They ranked second in offering online PhD accounting.
  2. University of Chicago: In the year 2008, this university is the number one in providing superb online PhD in accounting according to the Public Accounting Report. The PhD they are offering is full time and takes up to 5 years.
  3. University of Texas: According to the Public Accounting Report, 2004. This institution is the number one in the nation when it comes to online accounting PhD. This means that this university is a good choice for students who want to further their career in accounting. This is one of the popular universities in the United States that provide PhD accounting.
  4. University of North Carolina: This institution is consistently moving up in rank when it comes to providing online accounting PhD programs. The accounting degree program takes up to four or five years. The school ensures that the students will learn all information about the accounting.
  5. University of Waterloo (Canada): University of Waterloo in Canada is the largest in providing PhD in accounting online and they are number three in offering the program in the place of Canada. They provide a curriculum to their students that will enhance their skills.

These are only some of the list of top universities that offer online PhD programs. You have the chance to choose one of them or find other university but the clear thing is that you can be sure to have an excellent PhD in accounting online with them.