Best Online PhD Programs in Economics

Finding the right online PhD economics can be hard in some ways and easier in some ways. It is hard if you do not know what will you going to do and what steps you need to make. It is easy if you know what steps you will make such as you know what university is the best and which is not.

Although there are numerous online PhD economics, it will take time to research for the best universities. It is needed to search for the best because you need to ensure that you will get the best education even though it is through online.

Lists of Reputable Universities Offering Online PhD in Economics

  1. Johns Hopkins University: JHU is one of the best institutions worldwide. Students have the chance to have access to PhD programs like nursing, health, policy and PhD economics online. The online PhD programs in economics will help the students to know more information about health economics. Additionally, some of their degrees include ethics, policy analysis, social sciences, political sciences and health law.
  2. University of New Hampshire: The PhD in economics online is part of the Whittemore School of Business And Economics. Students who enroll this degree in the university are focused on the three concentrations which include health economics, environmental economics and international economics.
  3. Harvard University: This institution is being ranked as one of the best universities in the year 2009 by the U.S News and World Report. Regardless, this university continues to grow in offering online education. The online economics PhD the school offering focuses on individuals, governments and businesses. The faculty they have is superb impressive.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT is one of the schools being ranked as one of the excellent online school that offers online PhD programs in economics. Also, their PhD in economics is one of the best degrees they are offering according to the National Research Council Study. The health economics degree program includes topics about health issues like smoking and the impact of Medicaid and Medicare.
  5. Northwestern University (NU): This institution is a private research school having campuses in Chicago and Evanston. This university offers 145 graduate programs and 124 undergraduate programs which makes them one of the best online schools around the world.

Whatever university you choose, make sure you will choose the best and you are comfortable to with the school settings most especially when it comes to your online PhD economics because you can sure to have the best education if you know they are the best and top leading university. Do not miss a chance and have a look on our top Universities about PhD Management Online list.