Best PhD Online Programs 2014

The crew at often gets requests for the best PhD online programs 2014. People want to know what the biggest bang for their buck is. It sometimes seems like what gets promoted as the top online PhD programs by one organization is a scam to another organization. Regardless, we’ve independently compiled lists that we hope illustrate what the best PhD online programs 2014 are.

Florida Institute of Technology

Those who want to go to school for some sort of technical specialty should certainly check out this school. The word technology is in the name, which usually means something in this respect. As a result, students know that they’ll have the ability to study their specific course very well. That’s a plus for those who are serious about working in some kind of high tech job of the future.

DePaul University

DePaul is famous, and offers high quality education that always gets it on the best PhD online programs 2014 list. That being said, students should expect to end up paying a little bit more. This is the trade off for this sort of university. Still, the brand recognition can be important to students who are interested in that aspect of the education process.

Case Western Reserve University

This private school has one of the best PhD online programs 2014. It focuses its graduate department on both medical and engineering programs, though it additionally has one in the field of business. This multi-tiered approach might appeal to a wide variety of students.

Catholic University of America

Despite it’s prominence, the Catholic University of America isn’t as well known as some of its counterparts like Benedictine University. Nevertheless, it offers a great engineering program that gets it a great mark on the best PhD online programs 2014 list. It might soon get more coverage for that matter.

Central Connecticut State University

This New Britain, CT based school has some of the top PhD online programs when it comes to education. Since it’s a lesser-known college it might be able to save students a little money. That’s very useful it comes to a college program.

Looking for the highest standards, expectations, and quality of education? Then you may want to check Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.