Best PhD Programs in Classics

Classics have always a part of the American culture. Most students seek to earn their PhD program from a school that offers the best online PhD programs in Classics. Most of the schools that offer the said program give students a lot of flexibility when it comes to the number of years you has to complete your studies, lower tuition fees and female to male student ratio.

These schools have been ranked for you to help you decide as which school you would like to earn your PhD degree in the study of Classics. Now, let’s take a look at how these schools are ranked right now. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Top Five Schools that Provide PhD Programs in Classics

  1. Stanford University. Stanford’s PhD program in Classics has been ranked amongst the best over the past few years now. They provide students great choices when it comes to funded students and lower tuition fees.
  2. Columbia University in the City of New York. The schools PhD program in Classics has been most favored by students due to its lower tuition fee rates. They have been ranked amongst the best over the past few years.
  3. Princeton University. Princeton University’s PhD program in Classics has always been atop the best of them. They’ve been mostly favored by students and parents due to their recognition as one of the providers of such programs.
  4. University of Pennsylvania. The university’s PhD program in Classics offers students low tuition fee rates and more funded student option. They also provide a female to male student ration option, which gives them more flexibility.
  5. Duke University. Duke University has always been considered to be the best when it comes to providing PhD programs. Their PhD program in Classics is ranked amongst the best in the nation.

Those are the top five schools when it comes to providing a PhD program in Classics which embraces areas of literature, history, and religion.  For this reason our experts created a list with best PhD programs in Comparative Literature you might check afterwards. These schools have been ranked for you to help you choose the best PhD programs in Classics from where you can earn your PhD degree from. Now, it’s all up to you in choosing which school you would choose to go.