Capella University Graduate Program

One of the biggest challenges of getting a PhD program is the amount that you have to rearrange your life and change the way that you live to make time and effort for the PhD classes. This is especially challenging considering all the other commitments and responsibilities that people often have at this point in their lives, jobs and families, clubs and activities, and often many more things that they have to keep track of. With all of this in mind it can be all but impossible to find the time and effort to get into the classroom several times a day, and this is the primary reason that people with graduate degrees don’t pursue the pinnacle of academia, the PhD. Now you can do so, though, with a PhD program that’s more flexible than ever at Capella University. And if you’re looking for rigorous academics and an enjoyable experience The Arizona State University Graduate Program is a great choice for you.

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Get Your PhD at Capella

capella university phd programs

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The thing about getting a PhD online is that it allows for more flexibility than any other kind, you can complete your classes anywhere, and the coursework is more independent if no less rigorous or difficult. They don’t make the PhD program easy at Capella, but they make it much more possible and accessible, and this can be all the difference with the responsibilities and commitments that people often have. At Capella you can set your schedule to get your classes done at home while you’re watching the kids, or while you have time off, or any kind of free time that you have. You’re allowed to do your work more independently and to take your own initiative further, which is something that people in classroom PhD programs often seek. Getting a PhD is more possible than ever, apply to Capella and you’ve got a chance to get the degree you’ve always wanted and reach the highest pinnacle of academia.

What You Need to Be Accepted

To get accepted to the Capella University PhD program you need to have a good GPA in previous institutions, you need to have proved yourself as a capable student and you need to be able to express what you’ve done and what you can do. This is done through things like referral letters, statements of purpose, applications and theses, etc.

If you are an accomplished student and you want to take the final step Capella University programs are great place to do so!