Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

The graduate school that you go with should depend on a few factors, of what your credentials and qualifications are, and of what you’re expecting and can afford as well. Some people have the highest qualifications, with excellent grades, extracurricular’s, and more, as well as a decent budget to work with, and for these the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University may be a good option. Of course you’ll know all about Harvard, and you’ll know that Harvard has the highest standards, expectations, and quality of education possibly of any school in the world. If you think that you can get in due to your prior accomplishments, and you have the means to do so (or think that you can get a rare Harvard graduate scholarship) then try it out and apply today. Furthermore, you may check the top schools list offering the best PhD programs in History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology, which would definitely steer you in the right direction .

Getting a PhD at Harvard

PhD work at Harvard is some of the most grueling and challenging, and that’s largely because they expect to churn out the absolute best in the world at what they do. If you get a PhD from Harvard then you have to have the capability to lead your field in whatever you do, and to get in you have to prove that you have this capability. To express this you need to give them extensive admissions, documents showing what you’ve accomplished, and the all-important statement of purpose. The statement of purpose is particularly important here, because regardless of what you’ve accomplished you’re going to be going up against the most skilled and highest quality students in the nation, which means that you need to find ways to distinguish yourself wherever possible. With a prestigious application and a well written statement of purpose you’ve got a great chance at getting the PhD from Harvard that you want!

Shoot for the stars and apply to the most prestigious institution in the world!

Of course, getting into Harvard is incredibly difficult. You’re competing with the best and will have to prove yourself and your capabilities more thoroughly and reliably than ever before, but the truth is if you’ve done well, if you’ve accomplished things and have the means to support yourself, then you’ve got a chance to get in just like anyone else, so apply and see if it happens for you.

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