If You Still Didn’t Know How to Get a PhD Online in 2016

The truth is that online education is more common than others. There are many policy makers and educators that are opting for online education and if you want to get a PhD online 2016, knowing the advantages and popular online programs is important. You can get a degree in any field you want, for example there are many online doctoral programs in business.

Advantages of PhD Online 2016

  • Accessibility: Of course, accessibility is in the list because you can study in the morning and night whatever schedule you want. You will not be tired going to on-campus study after work. You can able to attend classes anytime and anywhere you are.
  • Flexibility: You will not be tired to attend classes online because it is flexible. You can study on your desired time as long it is approved by the university and there is available faculty, but you will never be tired for online classes.
  • Interpersonal breadth: You can work with other students around the world. You meet other people that you can talk or discuss with. You can share your opinions with them.
  • Cost: Online education does not require you to go to other place because you can study online. The cost of studying online is cheaper compared to traditional classes. You will save more with it and you no longer need fare or travel after work,
  • Documentation: Transcripts, documents, training materials and live discussions are all being recorded and archived so that it will retrieved via email, mail or to the website of the school for downloading, printing and reading.

Average of Online Degree Cost

There are many types of PhD online programs and student can able to get an advanced degree with it. If they want a professional career, they can start to enroll and get the degree they want, but when it comes to cost; it will vary depending on the school you choose.

If you choose the top-notch schools on the internet, then the cost is higher compared to others. Enrolling in doctorate program requires 200,000 dollars for 5 years of study.

It is cheaper if you will take two to three years of study. In average, the PhD degree program which takes up to 5 years to complete roughly around 123, 500 dollars depending whether you will choose private or public school.

Schools Offering Online PhD Programs 2016

get a phd online 2016

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University of Florida: It is one of the top-notch schools for online PhD programs. It requires 90 credit hours and the 30 credit hours should be completed on-campus and 2 week summer residencies.

get a doctorate online

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University of Missouri: For students who want to be trained through online education, University of Missouri is a nice choice. It will improve your credentials and ensure that you get what you want.

get a phd online 2016

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Bowling Green State University: They are offering technology in management with coordination of 4 other schools, which include Indiana State University.

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Bellevue University: The school emphasizes about active learning and their PhD program is designed for students to be engage in real world professional environment. Students will learn all the issues and have the opportunity to interact with other students.

get a phd online 2016

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Brandman University: Students have the opportunity to choose the program they want. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Students must meet all the requirements to qualify.

Start to get a doctorate online to begin studying. Make sure that you can afford the tuition fee to continue studying and get the degree you need!