Life after a PhD

What is life after graduating your PhD education? If you think that the main challenges are done after graduation, think again. There are more waiting for you in the world. Below, we’ve presented some things to learn about after life in the PhD school. Did you know that 25 percent of those graduates work in the science industry? To give you a clearer idea, check out the following.

Four Main Employment options

  • Academic
  • Research, publishing and consulting industry
  • Professional
  • Alternative academic

What Are the Most Common Jobs Held by New Grads?

  1. Higher education teaching professionals
  2. University researchers
  3. Clinical psychologists
  4. Other researchers
  5. Medical practitioners

Key Skills that PhD Graduates Can Highlight to Employers

  • Communication skills
  • Creating thinking skills
  • Management ability
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Self-motivation

Steps to Finding a Job after PhD

  1. Present at conferences.
  2. Attend industry events.
  3. Search for graduate jobs.
  4. Build a network of contacts.
  5. Use social media to raise your profile.
  6. Gain relevant work experience.

Life after a PhD: Setting Things Right

By being able to finish your study, you now have the edge as compared to other applicants in any job you feel applying to and company you like working for to increase your knowledge and skills. However, applying isn’t as easy as sending your application. In fact, you will have to show how exemplary you are and how different you are from the rest! Therefore, you should start by writing a very impressive resume that will shine over your competitors.

Definitely, being an expert in your industry and showing you really are starts with a brilliant application. Perhaps, graduating in a PhD course is already a good accomplishment and making it work and making yourself shine is another thing.

life after a phd

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