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The PhD is often attained so that people can teach at the university level, but the fact of the matter is it has numerous benefits and a lot of value for people trying to accomplish all manner of things, from being published in leading publications to conducting advanced research in the field. Besides, get information from our experts to know how to get PhD online. Regardless of what you want to do with your PhD, if you’re trying to get a PhD in business then a great place to do so on the west coast is the Lundquist College of Business. The University of Oregon is one of the most respected and prestigious institutions on the west coast, where there is a lack of such institutions in a lot of places. They’ve got an experienced and respected faculty and a series of high level courses which will prepare you for the highest rungs of the business world. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, the Lundquist College of Business is a great place to do it!

Get Accepted to the Lundquist College of Business

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This is one of the highest level business online PhD programs in the country, and they don’t accept very many people, so you have to be well accomplished and have a range of capabilities and insights if you want to successfully get into the Lundquist College of Business. It starts with your application, which will include your academic accomplishments as well as the work that you’ve done and how you may have contributed to the field in other ways. Then you need multiple letters of recommendation from reliable sources and finally a well written and convincing statement of purpose. With all of these things in order then you’ve got a great chance at being accepted. A PhD in business opens up a whole range of opportunities for you, so apply to the Lundquist College of Business today and fulfill your potential!

Business is an always growing and accepting field for people with the right qualifications, and whether you graduate with a degree in marketing, management organization, economics, or anything else, with a PhD you’ve got all the opportunities in the world for you. The Lundquist College of Business provides you not just with a fantastic education but the west coast experience and a gorgeous campus, so get your application in today!

With a business degree from Lundquist College of Business (Oregon University) you’re qualified to do nearly anything you wish so start applying now!