MIT Sloan PhD Program

Mit sloan phd programJust as Harvard is the most prestigious and sought-after institution when it comes to the liberal arts and other fields like it, when it comes to technical disciplines and the sciences there’s no school in the world better, and harder to get into, than MIT. MIT is where you go to become a leader in your field, to be at the forefront of your discipline and to accomplish things that will truly move the field forward and advance academic knowledge. An online PhD programs at MIT gives you the ability to publish in the most prestigious publications and to teach in the most prestigious institutions in the world. However, it is of course incredibly difficult to get in, after all you’ll be competing with the best and brightest technical students in the nation, but if you think you have the resume and the capability then give it a shot and apply!

Studying at MIT is challenging but so rewarding. Be prepared to work your socks off: study a lot, compose plenty of writing assignments, including articles, essays, concept paper for dissertation, and much more. But you’ll become a part of the finest in the whole world.

Getting Accepted to MIT Sloan PhD Program

Only 15-20 people are accepted into the MIT Sloan PhD program, which means that you’ll have to be an absolutely outstanding candidate. Two important factors that you have some semblance of control over are the letters of recommendation that you get and your statement of purpose. However, their primary consideration will be your intellectual capacity and ability to do innovative work, your accomplishments in the field and your academic standing at previous institutions. To even think about applying you need to be highly accomplished in all of these fields, and you have to come up with letters of recommendation and statements of purpose that will win over the school and convince them that you’re worthy of one of the valuable spots in the program. It takes time to compile an application of this quality, and it will be hugely challenging to be successful, but there’s always a chance, so get started on the admissions process today!

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With a PhD from MIT the Entire World Will Be Open to You!

A PhD from MIT will have an almost unlimited value; it will give you not only a limitless number of opportunities in your career but the highest respect and prestige as an academic. Is it easy, or even likely that you’ll get in? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a try!

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