Most Wanted Online PhD Programs Worldwide

Online phd programsConsidering the fact that the Internet is a truly worldwide medium, it’s easy to see how some Keyword Planner research would produce worldwide results. Online PhD programs are growing everywhere, especially considering the restrictions of traditional graduate schools. While traditionally graduate students are forbidden from doing many things, online schools have lesser regulations. This has helped people to make the switch and it’s certainly caused a huge boost in the number of applicants as well as searchers.

Online Nursing PhD Programs Rose to 260,000 Look-Ups

Nursing is a field that usually couldn’t be studied online effectively, but those searching for this keyword might very well already have a little experience in the field. One might assume that it would be necessary to apply for a graduate degree in the field. Medical degrees have vacillated for some time in terms of popularity, but there is a real emphasis on a perceived nursing crisis and this has increased the number of applicants to these programs.

Online PhD Programs in Business Searched for 260,000 Times

Just as it might seem slightly unusual to receive a doctorate in nursing, it’s probably strange to some people to hear that so many applicants were researching doctorate level programs in business. Graduate students in this category have a tendency to go for an MBA. That being said, that doesn’t mean that doctorates in business are useless, and they might even open up a wide variety of specialties. This is especially true for those who have an interesting undergraduate major.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology Looked for 260,000 Times

Psychology is by far one of the most traditional PhD fields, and it’s often considered to be one that gets someone ready to work in a particular mental health discipline. It shouldn’t be looked at as a falling one either because it continues to maintain its place on the list tied with other top majors. That certainly means it’s looked into by a lot of students who want to experience a real graduate level career as a result of the degree they get. Altruistic students are especially enamored with the field.

Online PhD Programs in Education Shot up to 390,000 Searches

Educational doctorates largely prepare people for teaching. While most teachers don’t need doctorates to actually enter the teaching field they are ultimately very useful. As a result many existing teachers are searching for these programs. The fact that they’re online will help them continue to maintain their teaching job while they work on finishing their diploma.

Online History PhD Programs Received 110,000 Searches

Graduate level history degrees are particularly lauded because many academic fields don’t permit people to move ahead in their careers without them. Undergraduate students who have completed a regular history degree might be stuck in a certain type of position or may have even ended up working in a completely different job. As a result they are flocking to these online programs quickly.

Online PhD Programs in Information Technology Received 50,000 Searches

Information technology and computer science study courses generally require students to prove a certain level of competency with computers before they can continue. Online courses of study aren’t bound by these problems. After all, students in them are constantly demonstrating that they can work with technology and therefore don’t have to worry about such perceptions of them.

Online PhD Programs in English got 50,000 Look-Ups

While some people might criticize perpetual students they certainly have a lot to choose from recently. English majors often fall into this category, though that shouldn’t be taken as a pejorative. Rather, English majors often enjoy broadening their horizons and that could explain why so many people have turned toward online English programs in the last few years.

Online PhD Social Work Programs Looked up 50,000 Times

Social work is another one of those fields that has a tendency to attract large numbers of existing workers, since they want to continue their existing careers. Those who want to get ahead in the public sector have often taken to these diplomas fairly well, and some might even be eligible for some financial assistance if they were to attend the right school.

Online Engineering PhD Programs Received 50,000 Searches

What’s interesting about engineering distance education is that some employers have paid for it. Both public and private sector employers want their employees to be able to add value to their existing careers. As a result these programs have been increasingly popular for this section of society. That might explain the sudden jump in searches.

Online PhD Programs in Counseling Rounds out at 40,000 Searches

Counseling is very similar to psychology. In fact, the disciplines are the same in some areas while they might be divided in other ones. It depends on laws as well as the organizational structure of a particular institute of higher learning. This could help to explain the lower number of searches that were geared toward this term than its competitor. The disciplines do, however, have a lot in common and potential applicants really should have a look at both options if they’re available to them.