Non-Academic Careers For PhD Holders

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Not all PhD holders go into academia once they’ve graduated. In fact, less than half do. This is a fact that not everyone is aware of, but the truth is that there is now no longer such a thing as an “alternative career after PhD.” Have you ever thought of what’s gonna be after getting a PhD?

Indeed, non-academic job opportunities for PhD holders are just as plentiful as academic job opportunities for PhD holders. So whilst it’s certainly true that most PhD holders will admit to preferring a career in academia after graduation, more and more are open to non-academic careers.

Why You Should Look For A Non-Academic Career After PhD

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Many students go onto graduate school, but most are keenly aware that it is difficult to secure a job in academia upon graduation. Therefore, securing a lifelong and happy academic career is not easy, and for this reason it’s worth looking into non-academic job opportunities for PhD holders.

As a PhD graduate, you will now have accumulate extensive knowledge on a particular subject that will be useful in a certain industry. The specialist knowledge and techniques you will have acquired will not just be welcomed by academia, but by a wide range of other industries and jobs.

Moreover, not every PhD graduate will want to stay in academia after they’ve graduated. It just isn’t for everyone, and if you know that you would rather be working outside academia, you should know that your new skills are suitable for other jobs too. Indeed, many industries are crying out for graduates just like yourself who are armed with knowledge and skills. Certainly, you should view your career after PhD with an open mind.

How To Make The Transition Into A Non-Academic Career After PhD

Some students shy away from a non-academic job opportunities for PhD holders because they (falsely) believe that their new skills and knowledge just isn’t applicable for such positions. But this is totally untrue. Your new skills and knowledge is suitable for non-academic job positions; the trick is to translate them into a new environment.

This can be challenging at first, but you can take skills courses during your PhD that harness your personal and professional development. These courses will help you to translate your skills into a non-academic environment. For example, they will help you to make use of the fact that you wrote a lengthy thesis, and show you how this new skill can be transferred into the workplace. Writing a lengthy thesis shows that you are able to present large amounts of information in a clear, and to-the-point manner.

Moreover, the fact that you got a PhD shows that you are able to work with minimum supervision and that you can also work in a team. It also shows that you can meet deadlines and manage your time. These are fundamental core skills that are applicable in any non-academic career.

A Few Things To Consider For PhD Holders Looking For A Non-Academic Career

  • Consider your job prospects realistically
  • Don’t aim too high or too low
  • Although your colleagues might not have a PhD, it is important to remember that they may have more experience than you
  • Don’t expect to be paid more simply because you have a PhD
  • You may miss being in academia

Where To Find Non-Academic Job Opportunities For PhD Holders

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If you are looking for a non-academic career after PhD online program, there are a number of job sites you can use. Whichever job site you use will depend on the country you are in, with the most popular ones in the UK being and You can also use LinkedIn to search for non-academic careers, and you can also use your network of contacts that you (hopefully) built up during the years studying for your PhD. Non-academic career opportunities are also be found via job agencies and even on social media.

If you need a few tips on job opportunities for PhD holders, feel free to contact our experts right away!