Online PhD Finance Programs

For students out there looking for online PhD finance, you are lucky because this page will present what you are looking for. It will be our one stop solution so that you no longer need to spend time searching online. If you want to study online, here are schools you can check out that will benefit and help you.

Best List for Online PhD in Finance

  • Hampton University: In the year 2011, the school was ranked by the US News and World Report as one of the best and leading universities in the United States. In the year 1868, the school was founded and its campus is located in Virginia. As of now, the school is continuing to evolve. In addition, they have professional faculty members that will work with you through online studies and make sure you will learn everything you need.
  • Capella University: Capella University is a PhD finance online that is designed in advancing the career of their students. They are equipped with financial systems and it was designed for students who want to become scholars. The school makes sure that you able to equip with perfect knowledge and skills. The school has a curriculum with a focus on scholarly writing, research, global perspective, ethical theory, systems thinking and financial technology approach. Students will make sure to have a valuable insight as well as mentoring from their faculties.
  • Wharton University: Wharton PhD finance is providing students with a great foundation in the empirical and theoretical tools of modern finance. The program is preparing students for them to have a successful career in teaching and research. They are one of the leading academic schools that focus with asset pricing, corporate finance, portfolio management, financial institutions, international finance and macroeconomics. The school has been widely recognized as one of the leading schools in the world. Faculty research includes both theoretical and empirical such as banking and monetary systems, structure of financial markets, international financial markets, corporate control and formation and behavior of financial asset prices.
  • Kellogg School: The finance department of the department is one of the best leaders in research for financial economics. They focus on areas that include corporate finance, asset pricing, international finance, financial institutions, regulation and related economic theory, market microstructure and econometrics. The online PhD programs of the school is providing students with a rigorous background in finance, statistics, mathematics, economics and more.
  • Carnegie Mellon Tepper University: The purpose of the PhD program of the university is to educate students in analytical techniques and concepts. Students will able to understand and will advance their knowledge in financial economics. The school is offering students with solid training in finance and in working with faculty members.

If you are looking for online schools that offer cheap PhD online programs in finance, you need to start now. Searching needs time because you need to spend time in looking and reading more information with them, but if you rely with the schools presented above, you are assured to have the best education you need.