Online PhD Marketing Programs

Online PhD marketing is a nice program in furthering your education. If you are one of the thousands of students who are looking for schools that they can rely with in order to increase their knowledge and become a successful in the field they choose, here is what you are looking for.

Online PhD in Marketing Schools

  • Capella University: The school is offering PhD in marketing online that is blended with business disciplines. The aim of the program is to advance the knowledge of students as well as the expertise they need in marketing. They will study about marketing science, theories and concepts by applying real world application. The online PhD programs were designed for students to become great scholars with knowledge and skills. When it comes to the curriculum, it focuses on strategy, leadership and research. They will also study about integration of technology and media. The marketing in PhD allows students to conduct organizational research and consumer research.
  • Northcentral University: The PhD program of the school is specializing in developing the skills of students in research, promotional techniques and sales allowing them to apply it to global, domestic and virtual markets. They will also able to explore wonderful strategies for systematic, legal, sound and ethical approach. Students will learn about how to assess as well as to evaluate buyer needs. As part of the university, you will find many professional opportunities in consulting, teaching and leadership.
  • Wharton University: Marketing is concerned with prediction and description of decision outcomes that involves aspects of firm relating to its competitors, distributors, business regulators and customers. With that in mind, the university is offering a long tradition in the development of new research methodologies. They are offering a great curriculum for a successful implementation of new techniques and decision models in practicing marketing.
  • Ohio State University: The department marketing of the school achieves international and national distinction through advancing the quality of systematic, theory-driven as well as offering empirical scholarship. The faculty members of the school receive numerous awards that include Anderson Consulting Award, Robert Ferber Award and others.
  • Johnson University: Johnson University is offering an education that is designed for students to provide them the best only. The school is one of the largest schools concerned in delivering a robust and thorough full curriculum that tailored with the needs and interests of students. The school is offering performance-learning approach to understand real business results.
  • Cornell University: The school is one of the best online schools in the world. It provides an instant access in vast research, alumni resources and teaching. They have intense collaborative community aims at cultivating the skills of students that put them in a good spot.

Having the best education is the aim of all students. They want to increase what they have learned through more information by furthering their career to a PhD program. If you also plan to study online, be sure to study on a high qualified, reputed and trusted university in the world. Don’t miss a chance to become part of CalSouthern Univers! Check information and start to enroll now!