PhD Application Requirements at Phoenix University

Phoenix University is the largest institution in the US with more than 400,000 enrolled students in the year 2011. The school is offering over 100 degree programs across 42 states. The institution is also offering online PhD programs internationally. It has admission requirements that include language, program specific and state specific requirements.

Phoenix University Application Requirements

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  • Candidates of Phoenix school PhD degree program must earned a bachelor’s degree from accredited nationally or regionally accredited university. Keep in mind that a comparable degree from a recognized school outside the country is accepted. Students must need to Phoenix University GPA that is 3.0 that is indicated on their transcript.
  • Candidates are required to have at least 3 years of professional experience in a leadership position. Some of the Phoenix University online programs have other specific requirements and you need to check the program to know more details.
  • To study in Phoenix University online degree program, applicants must need to have a laptop or PC with internet access, a membership in the research library and signed school software/hardware agreement.

Phoenix University Degrees Program-Specific Requirements

To know about Phoenix U specific requirements, you need to check the program you want to apply for. This is needed since there are additional requirements you need to submit. Some of the requirements that you need to submit is language test scores if English is not your native language. Whether you are applying for undergraduate, Master’s or PhD degree program, you are required to pass the Test of English as an International Communication, International English Language Testing System, Test of English as a Foreign Language, or Berlits Online English Proficiency Exam.

If you wish to apply to Phoenix University, you need to do your best in knowing the specific requirements of the program you choose. When it comes to Phoenix University tuition, it is affordable which suits to your budget.

Phoenix University accreditation is good. The institution is accredited in offering online PhD degree programs so no need to worry. You are guaranteed that you only have the best education and career with them so grab the open opportunity and start to enroll now especially if you are a highly qualified applicant. Moreover, you may contact our professional team and get information about George Fox University application process.

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