PhD Burnout: How To Avoid In 10 Minutes

PhD burnout happens more often than you might think. A lot of non-academics tend to think, “oh, they’re just students. What are they complaining about? They wanna try doing my job!”

But – and this might upset a few people – PhD students do have it hard. They have it so hard, in fact, that PhD stress is very common.

Reasons For PhD Burnout

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The problem is that PhD students are continuously putting more on their plates than they can actually eat. They’re busy with various projects, lots of research, as well as the pressures of getting their PhD published. Not to mention trying to juggle a part-time job and their personal lives.

And then there is the fact that, sometimes, projects don’t go so well. The student feels in the mire, and they feel like quitting because their ambitious project has proven to be too ambitious. Complications have set in, nothing is going right, and before they know it, it’s taking 6 years to complete their PhD. For a degree that was meant to take just 3 years, something isn’t right here. Right?

Totally right.

As mentioned, PhD burnout can also come as a result of trying to juggle our life in the lab with our life at home. Sure, PhD students are still students, but they’re also a little bit older now and some of them may even have young families to look after. This can lead to total PhD stress and complete PhD burnout.

How To Avoid PhD Stress: Meditate In Just 10 Minutes

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To some people, meditating to prevent or cure PhD burnout might sound a little bit silly. After all, meditation is something the hippies brought back from India, right? It’s really groovy and it just makes you all zonked and careless. Right?


Meditation is in fact a fantastic way of getting your brain to relax. This is why business owners and entrepreneurs are advised to use it as a way of helping them deal with the stresses and strains of modern life.

Meditation just asks you to sit down for a few minutes (just 10 minutes), close your eyes and stop thinking. And how awesome does that sound when you’ve just suffered a total meltdown?

Meditation seeks to help you clear all the ‘noise’ that’s floating in your mind, and it helps you to concentrate solely on what matters. It reverts you back to nothingness, and you exist purely in the moment.

Meditation For PhD Students: The Benefits

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The benefits of meditation are numerous, particularly if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your degree. Meditation helps you to:

  • Focus
  • Switch off your brain
  • Lose any unwanted thoughts
  • Relax
  • Feel happier
  • Become smarter
  • Strengthen your brain cells

When you meditate, you’re taking time out before coming back even stronger. No worker can work solidly for 100 hours without a break and still be productive. Similarly, you as a PhD student cannot study continuously without taking a break and still be productive. You need a break to recharge your batteries and get your head back in the game, and there are few – if any – better ways to do this than via meditation. Your emotions are better regulated, your happiness is enchanted, and your overall wellbeing and mindset is boosted.

So give it a shot!

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