Rackham Graduate School

Michigan University is one of the most respected public institutions in the country, a member of the schools known as Public Ivy, and they’re also known for their high quality graduate program, especially for their PhD work. The PhD programs offered at the Rackham Graduate School part of the University of Michigan cover all different disciplines and academic fields, so regardless of what you’re looking to get a degree in they’ve got a program for you. Many of their teachers are world renowned and highly respected in their fields, and their programs are noted for being rigorous and intensive. If you’re looking for a great experience that’s challenging, immersive, and enjoyable, then the Rackham Graduate School may be the option for you.

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Getting Accepted to Rackham

Rackham phd programs

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Rackham Graduate School is known as one of the tougher public institutions to get into, simply because of how prestigious it is and how competitive it is as well. You’ll be going up against some of the best schools in the nation, so it’s crucial that you maximize the effectiveness of your application. You need to include obligatory things like GPA, test scores, and major undergraduate work. Perhaps the most important thing that will largely determine your success, or failure, in getting accepted to Rackham is the statement of purpose, or personal statement. This is where you can elaborate on what you want to accomplish and why you are best suited for the position at the institution. Though other factors like GPA will of course play a huge factor, this is your chance to convince them that you’re right for the position.  Not many are accepted, so it’s important that you’re fully aware of all the technicalities and regulations of the school and that you’re prepared to make the commitment.

Michigan is one of the best places to get online PhD programs. Their programs are intensive and rigorous, their teachers are renowned and can enlighten you in a way that you couldn’t expect, and they can allow you to grow not just as an academic but as a person. If you want a great experience with your PhD degree as well as learning a lot, then Rackham could be right for you!

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