Stanford Graduate School of Business

The west coast simply doesn’t offer the wide range of exceptional and high quality institutions that the east coast does. The east coast is where you’ll find Harvard, Yale, MIT, and many of the other most respected institutions in the country, the school that the west coast has is Stanford. Stanford is for this reason one of the most competitive and prestigious institutions in the country, it offers the high quality and immersive education of the best Ivy League schools with the environment, location, and experience of California. If you’re studying business, this make the Stanford Graduate School of Business perhaps the best location for you if you can cut it. However it is a very difficult place to get into, with some of the highest standards and expectations of any school, so you have to have not only the qualifications, but the diligence to get in and to succeed.

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Get Accepted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business programs

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Like any other prestigious institution they have a range of high standards and requirements to meet. When it comes to the online PhD programs they don’t have a set GPA that you have to meet, it’s more like a conglomeration of standards and expectations, or in other words you have to be the best. You need a good GPA, you need experience and skills, and you need to be able to convince them that you’re right for the position with a well written statement of purpose or personal statement. What Stanford Graduate School of Business is looking for is people who can get things done, who are innovators in the field and can bring prestige to their already prestigious name, and it’s your job to convince them that you’re capable of doing this. With the right qualifications and a convincing case you can become a part of the Ivy League of the west coast, where the best education and the sunshine environment meet.

Another huge advantage of a business programs PhD at Stanford is its famous location, Palo Alto, where technological innovation and the latest and most exciting businesses almost unanimously spring up. Not only will it get you an education from a high quality institution, but it will place you among the most qualified in the business hotbed of the world!

Stanford is one of the best places in the country for getting a PhD in business!