Top 10 Most Expensive PHD Programs In 2015

Earning a PhD is often one of the proudest moments in a person’s life. A doctorate degree is hugely prestigious, and the time and effort taken to complete it means that a person feels a huge sense of reward and satisfaction at the end of it all.

But one of the problems with taking on a PhD course is the expenses. After first completing a bachelor degree, followed by a Masters, moving onto a doctorate degree program is when things get really expensive. If the expenses haven’t already totted up, they soon will do.

Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive programs in 2015.

№1 Psychology

most expensive programsPsychology is a popular and appealing subject. A very academic discipline, psychology centres around deciphering the motives behind human behaviour. It seeks to unravel the science behind our mental functions, and better understand why we act the way we do.

Becoming a Doctor of Psychology sounds really exciting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly come cheap, with Capella University’s total cost coming in at $71,555. Still, at the end of it all, you could end up working in a renowned mental health clinic.

№2 Medicine

most expensive programsAnyone studying medicine can expect to be in education for a number of years, with medicine degrees seemingly going on forever. The good news is that a medicine degree is hugely rewarding at the end of everything, with students eventually developing into successful brain and heart surgeons, cancer specialists and so on.

Indeed, medicine students are the guys who save lives. But the cost of a PhD in medicine does not come cheap, with fees generally averaging around $20,000 per annum.

№3 Applied Mathematics

most expensive programsBeing a Doctor of Mathematics opens you up to a whole wealth of jobs that would otherwise be closed off. For example, owning a PhD in applied mathematics will give you the opportunity to work with the government. You can’t get job in NASA, for example,  without a PhD in your pocket. No, we’re not saying you get to go into space.

But attaining PhD in mathematics is a fairly costly venture, with figures quoted from top Universities coming in at upwards of $50,000. Naturally, a lot of hard work will have already been undertaken before you even get to PhD level, but if you have a head for figures, it’s surely worth it. Just make sure the fee figures don’t make you too dizzy.

№4 Chemical Engineering

most expensive programsIf you have a love for chemical engineering and analytical science, you might be considering a PhD in the subject. Chemical engineers take a host of raw materials and convert them into something that consumers can use in everyday life.

Chemical engineering courses are costly, though, and unlike a lot of other doctorate degree programs, a chemical engineer doesn’t always know exactly what they will do next. So you should think twice before choosing most expensive chemical engineering programs. Because there is no fixed job as such, a Doctor of Chemical Engineering could find you working in any number of sector, among them water, energy and food.

№5 Art History

most expensive programsArt History is very much unlike art itself. Whereas artists spend their days creating artwork, largely inspired by their own intuition, and free from the restraints of academia, Doctors of Art History spend their days with their heads in book, tied to academia and conducting endless research. And they love it.

For this reason, dedicating yourself to the study of Art History probably works out way more expensive than learning how to paint. Art History PhD courses exist all across America, but the general consensus that they’re pretty costly.

№6 Economics

most expensive programsThe euro-zone needs saving; can you be the Doctor to save it?

Economics is a very attractive doctorate degree because the student learns about everything from foreign trade, to socialism, to the ‘rationality of peasants in poor countries’. Economics is a hugely powerful tool that allows us to understand our society – as well as the world.

To attain a PhD degree in economics, though, you will have to save up. A lot. But you probably already know that because, you know, you’re good at economics.

№7 Philosophy

most expensive programsWhen you tell people you want to study philosophy at University, the usual reaction is a few raised eyebrows and the question, ‘why? what use has philosophy for society?’. There is no doubt that philosophy would seem to be archaic, but many Doctors of Philosophy go on to have very affluent careers in such sectors as education and research.

As you might imagine, the cost of a philosophy degree leans on the expensive side, coming in at around $7,000 per annum. It’s worth weighing up whether you’ll be able to get any use out of it, and whether the job you take afterwards really is your dream job. If you do decide to go for it, there is little doubt that a PhD program in education philosophy will be hugely rewarding and insightful on a personal level.

№8 Neurobiology

most expensive programsThanks to the advancements in neurobiology, students now have the chance to learn more than ever in this particular sector. Novel molecular, systems-level, as well as cellular and computational techniques help students to learn more about the brain, and a Doctorate program in neurobiology opens up wide vistas of knowledge that will benefit humanity.

Let’s face it – the world needs more neurobiologists. These are the guys who will help to improve the livelihood of mankind for years to come. But to complete a PhD in the subject, a lot of money will first need to be parted with.

№9 Political Science

most expensive programsPolitical scientists study the state of a nation. They meticulously dissect the policies and politics that influence the way a country operates, and how it compares to other nations. Think of it like a scientific, methodical approach to politics.

Political scientists are nothing new, despite the very term sounding like a neologism. Indeed, Greek heavyweight philosopher Aristotle coined the term over 2,000 years ago. But where Aristotle got his education for fairly cheap, anyone looking to become a modern day Doctor of Political Science will have to cough up a few thousand dollars.

№10 Computer Science

most expensive programsComputer Science is on the rise. We need more computer scientists. If you thought the movie The Terminator, where the future was of humanity was threatened with destruction by a robot called SkyNet, was pure fiction, think again; advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) could have disastrous consequences for us all.

Sorry for terrifying you, but it’s to computer scientists that we look for research into AI, as well as robotics and machines in general. They’re the guys who look to develop computers so that mankind can use them to our advantage in the future. To earn one of these online PhD programs in 2015, though, is gonna cost a bit of money.

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  1. Being medical student, I know that studying literally lasts forever and the costs are not appealing at all. I’m 100% sure that it’s one of the most expensive programs. Though I’m really passionate about it, hopefully my future job will cover it all later.

  2. I know that Philosophy is not much liked by most, in terms of getting PhD. But I can see a real use of it in the future. It seems to be one of the most expensive programs, but I know I can’t complain. Compared to some other studies, it seems to be even more overwhelming.

  3. I’m so into psychology studies, was thinking of doing even my PhD. I think there are plenty of things to research in this field, even though there are so many exciting facts already discovered. It’s most expensive programs that I’ve ever been enrolled though.

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