Top 30 the Most Useful Blogs for PhD Students

Whether you are taking up online PhD programs or traditional PhD programs, you may need help from fellow students, from professors and from bloggers, who all of them have their story, tips and guides to share with you on how to survive PhD life, save money, balance teaching and research and so on. Find below the top 30-blog list researched for you.

  1. Occam’s Typewriter: Here you will find a community of scientists writing about developments and trends as well as anecdotes in the science world. It also offers teaching tips.

  2. Happy Science:  Dealing about productivity for students of traditional and online PhD programs, you will find it both helpful and entertaining because it also features entertaining facts and tidbits about science.

  3. Faculty Focus: Offering educational and informative topics to students in online PhD programs and classroom based PhD programs, this blog helps in promoting higher quality of education as well as better teaching methods presented by full professors and graduate students.

  4. GradShare: If you’re looking for advice, support and good conversations with fellow students, then visit this blog, a place where you will become part of the community of graduate level students.

  5. Looking at Nothing:  The blog is about news, trends and anything related about chemistry research and studies as well as it offers concept breakdown and presentation from the most basic concepts to the most advanced

  6. Math Ed: if you need help on practice, research and policy with more focus on teaching math, then this blog may be for you. Visit and follow it if you were taking up Math PhD through traditional or online PhD programs.

  7. Matt Might: Aiming to help students learn on the basic and advance computer science related topics, this blog is helpful for online PhD programs’ and traditional students.  It also includes topics on thesis defense and study.

  8. Phinished: Do you need a boost while writing your dissertation? Keep in touch with fellow students on this forum to keep you accountable to make progress in writing your paper as well as books, chapters and theses.

  9. The Graduable: This is a great blog by a writer who blogs about educational as a whole and offers advice to graduate school students.  You can check this out to learn about surviving graduate school life.

  10. Swans on Tea:  The focus of this blog is on what is life to become a scientist as well as a combination of technology, humor and physics. You can check out this blog if you were taking up a science-related graduate study.

  11. The Professor is In: This website is for those looking for in depth analysis of employment trends and topics in the PhD field. Creator and writer is a tenured professor himself.  He offers great advice and guidance especially if you were uncertain of the path to take.

  12. Leiter Reports: This blog is helpful for students of full time, part time or online PhD programs because it talks about employment as well as placement information. It is very helpful for students looking for a career to land on.

  13. Pro Quest:  This blog allows students to communicate with each other about completing their dissertations as well as encourages them to upload their works so that other students can criticize the work.

  14. How to leave Academia: It is ideal to those looking for students looking for a future after graduate studies. If you were graduating, then you might want to check out info on jobs here.

  15. Benchfly:  Collaboration through videos is given priority in this blog, where teachers, marketers and researchers can participate. It helps students become familiar with scientific experiments and methods as well as share with them interesting and educational videos.

  16. Grad Resources: Envisioning to inspire hard working students, this website is perfect to those looking for balance in life, finance tips and productivity guidance, among other useful topics, whether you are studying online PhD programs or traditional ones.

  17. Graduate School: Another topnotch blog where to get plenty of information about what to expect from a graduate school as well as how to live and survive when you are enrolled, this blog is from

  18. Schoology: This is for you if you were looking for a PhD and aiming to learn how educational media and information technology influence the process of learning. Receive guidance and support by following this general support blog.

  19. Reidar Mosvold’s Blog:  The creator and publisher is a University of Stavanger professors who wants to help students become successful in their math research and teaching.  Check it out and learn more about math and topic revolving around it.

  20. Chaos and Noise:  The blog is by a PhD student, who is exploring the small business world in Australia using social media in promoting their endeavors online. Interestingly, this blog also discusses the life, the research and the trade of PhD students.

  21. The Stingy Scholar:  The blog is helpful to students in the classroom based or online PhD programs because it discusses tips on how to save money and how to survive graduate school life. Visit and follow it today!

  22. PhD Blog: Here you will find topics focusing and talking on topics about a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham who is trying to examine the identity development and doctoral practice with help from participatory and social media.

  23. Cognitive Daily: The focus of this blog is about neuroscience education as well as student learning. You can find useful advice and guidance on this blog, which is one of the favorites among students of part time, full time or online PhD programs.

  24. Iterating Towards Openness: Topics about policy thoughts and personal stories in graduate school, the site is for students who are looking to find inspiration, especially on topics dealing with educational openness

  25. Communications of the ACM: Topics revolving around information technology and computing, this blog is helpful if you were in computer sciences. Visit and follow it today!

  26. Vivek Haldar:  Creator and founder of this blog is a back end programmer at Google, so learn from the expert himself in computer sciences by reading PhD in computer sciences trends, thoughts and tutorials he writes about on this blog.

  27. Alternative PhD: This blog is helpful for students of part time, full time or online PhD programs because it offers advice and guidance about non-academic options in terms of career paths. Central topics revolve around those who also tried other paths after academia.

  28. PhD Plus: Here you will find topics about active learning, balancing research and teaching,  classroom response systems, blogging and conferences and all thing revolving around the Math subject.

  29. Constructing the Academy: if you were in the humanities field, this may be an interesting blog for you because it offers tips in balancing research and teaching and deals with topics related to productivity

  30. To Do Dissertation: It offers you with general thoughts, advice and tips on how to succeed in dissertation. It is a helpful source to make you a successful PhD student, whether you are taking up a course from traditional or online PhD programs.

There you have the top 30 most useful blogs for graduate students like you. Feel free to check out, read blogs and follow any of them depending on your course, interest and needs. Learn more about classroom-based and online PhD and how to make right decision in choosing doctorate program today!