Top 5 Most Popular Online PhD Programs in the USA

usnews-badgeWhile Keyword Planner research has primarily been geared toward the international end of the spectrum, it’s interesting to see what kinds of online PhD programs specifically interest American students. In some cases it’s actually best to separate the American education system from other international ones. After all, the system is extremely different from what one might experience in a European or Australian school.

Online PhD Programs in Education Searched for 320,000 Times in the USA

Educational PhDs are sometimes granted to high school teachers, who need to have additional training in their field. This could explain a large bulk of them, considering the fact that these teachers would need to attend school without interfering with their current occupations. Many people actually flock to online education specifically for this reason, so it’s not unbelievable that it’s a primarily goal for those who are.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology Got 260,000 American Searches

Unlike a lot of countries, psychology degrees are not purely related to the practice of mental health in the United States. There are other reasons that one might get one, perhaps merely because it’s the only terminal degree related to what a student might have gotten when they were getting their undergraduate diploma. As a result psychology has become more popular in the USA than in other nations.

Online PhD Programs in Business Received 210,000 Searches

Business doctorates are a bit of an anomaly since most institutions consider the MBA to be a terminal degree. Depending on the institution, getting an MBA will help a student get an online PhD. Other schools simply go straight from undergraduate work into the realm of an online PhD so no other postgraduate research is necessary. It can be a good deal in either case.

Online Nursing PhD Programs Got 210,000 Searches

Nursing doctorates are another anomaly, since doctor’s degrees are usually associated with medical diplomas. Nevertheless these degrees are quite useful to some people who are ready to become nursing heads in a short period of time. As a result some hospital organizations are actually advising them and even paying for some students to study with them. This has certainly increased the number of people applying for these and other similar programs.

Online PhD Psychology Programs Received 110,100 Searches

This is admittedly only a minor rearrangement of another different keyword. As a result it’s difficult to judge it properly, but it might reflect the fact that students do several searches before they find what they’re actually looking for. Students have more opportunities than ever before, so colleges in a way are more competitive. Usually online college competition refers to how many students can get into a particular program, but in some fields it’s more accurate to say that there merely aren’t enough students to fulfill programs that would otherwise need large numbers of people to work with. Besides, do not miss a chance to check most popular PhD programs in Animal Sciences.