Top PhD Online Programs

Online PhD programs open the door to more high paying careers. It is not just rewarding professionally and academically but taking an online course can also do wonders in the salary that you get every month. Some of the highest paid online programs PhD are in the list below.

Online PhD Programs That Will Not Fail Your Career

  1. Trident University International PhD program online in Business Administration. This program is offered by the Trident University International where you can be prepared for an array of career options. Core and concentration courses such as marketing, information systems, finance, and management are needed to complete the program.  You will also be required for a dissertation study and to take a final examination.
  2. University of Missouri- Kansas City PhD online programs in Nursing. One of the options as to where you can go to this degree is the University of Missouri- Kansas City. 49 hours for pre-dissertation are required for students who already have a master’s degree while 61 hours for pre-dissertation are needed when students only have a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Colorado State University Fort Collins accredited PhD programs online in Education and Human Resource Studies. If you want to go for a degree with online studies but requires at least a week of sessions spent on campus, this program offered by the Colorado State University Fort Collins may work for you. This will also prove helpful for those aiming for leadership in higher education institutions.
  4. Keiser University PhD program online in Educational Leadership. You need to complete coursework of 60 hours when enrolling at the Keiser University for this program. The focus of the program falls on the creating an appropriate learning environment that caters to legal, political, social, and economical aspects. It also emphasizes the evaluation and training on various assessment techniques, practices, and educational technologies.
  5. Michigan State University PhD online programs in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology. Enrolling at the Michigan State University in this online degree program requires a two week and face to face on campus meeting though most of the courses are completed online. This program takes 5 years to complete.

These online PhD programs prove to be profitable for many professionals. These can push their careers to great levels so they are given high positions with high salaries. If you also want to experience what the top earners are getting, these online PhD programs can be the key.