Top Ten Jobs You Can’t Get Without a PhD In Your Pocket

The number of American’s who have obtained online PhD programs is extremely low – just 0.9% have a doctorate in their pocket.

This would suggest that there are only 0.9% of jobs that you can’t get without a PhD. The reality is that the number is probably even lower.

The fact is that, whilst having a PhD to your name certainly adds a bit of prestige to your resume, it doesn’t guarantee you a high flying career. On the plus side, the jobs it opens up to you are very special indeed.

Let’s take a look at the jobs that do require a PhD before they grant you an interview.

№1 Anthropologist

Anthropologists have a pretty cool job. They get to go out into fields, cities and deserts to find out more about mankind and where we came from. Their studies reveal more about our ancestors behaviour and how we became civilised as a race. And no, digging up your back garden with a spade without a PhD does not mean you’re an anthropologist. Even if you do find a skeleton.

Whilst some anthropologists can get away without having a PhD, a doctorate is required for most positions. Salaries can top $88,000 and as well as working out in the open, anthropologists also combine their duties as lecturers and assistant professors.

№2 Professor

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an academic professor of history or philosophy or some such, you’ll need to go through online PhD program first. Professors are truly elite people in our society; most of these learned men possess doctorates and they know their stuff.

The great thing about being a professor is, as well as the fact that you get to remain in education and improve the minds of young people, there is also the chance that you may get tenure, which basically means that you won’t get fired unless you’ve done something really bad.

№3 Astronomer

Astronomers seek to discover more about our Universe and our relation to it. They unravel the mysteries of the stars, planets, nebulae, black holes and so on. One of their primary concerns is the fate of our Universe and how knowing more about the earth’s past can solve problems of the future.

Astronomers sound like they have a great job. After all, every kid dreams of going to space, right? Whilst astronomers study space as opposed to going out and exploring it, they still have a pretty enviable job. But to become an astronomer, you’re going to go though a PhD program 2015. Renumeration is pretty generous and most are employed by the Federal Government.

№4 Chief Scientist

Essentially, a Chief Scientist carries out research. Of course, there is more to it than that, and the kind of research they undertake will depend on which sector they’ve involved with. Some might research new drugs and medicine, whilst others will research technology.

This industry is a very costly one, with salaries reaching a mammoth $198,000. To break into this field, Chief Scientists have to be the very best. This means having a PhD which is testament to their abilities and knowledge.

№5 Federal Reserve Board of Governors

The Federal Reserve System is composed of seven members of the Board of Governors. You can only become a Board of Governor if you have been nominated by the President. You then need the Senate’s approval.

As you can imagine, this is no ordinary job. It isn’t a case of being head hunted by WalMart. You need a reference from the President. Cor, it really is a step-up from Burger King, isn’t it?

Because of its high responsibility, being on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors requires you to have a PhD. Similarly to being an anthropologist, being a professor opens doors to jobs like this one, with Dr. Ben Bernake, who is at the moment serving his second term as Chairman of the Board, a former professor of Economics.

№6 Computer and Information Research Scientist

This job requires you to find, identify and develop new technology that will be useful for consumers. It’s a pretty responsible job, because consumers – as well as scientists – are in need of new things all the time. For the future to be better than the present, we need new inventions.

Perhaps because it is research-orientated, being a computer and information research scientist requires you to have a doctorate degree. Some guys in this field of work focus on artificial intelligence, which is pretty heavy stuff. To get this job, you’re really gonna need to do some groundwork first. Otherwise you might end up inventing the robot that destroys humankind by mistake.

№7 Mathematician

When we’re at school, it’s easy to ask what is the actual need of mathematics. What is the need for us to be spending hours working out an algebra equation? Well, mathematics is used to solve a whole host of problems, from engineering to governmental problems, to business as well as economic issues. Even Google’s search engine is so good because of applied mathematics.

Private industries will want you to have a doctorate if you’re going to get onboard and solve their problems. There might be companies who want to conjure up a search engine algorithm better than Google’s and they’re gonna need to know you’re good. Jobs pay well – $99,000 a year – and there lots of jobs going.

№8 Natural Science Manager

If you love science, becoming a natural science manager is a pretty cool career path to take up. These guys are basically in charge of all the other scientists – chemists, geologists, biologists, medical scientists, and so on. It’s a responsible job, but then so is every job that requires a PhD.

Most natural science managers have a PhD, though it’s true that sometimes a Master’s will suffice. But you’ve got to be a specialist in your work, and with employment in this field expected to grow, a PhD could be invaluable to getting your foot through the door.

№9 Physicist

A physicist concerns themselves with knowing more about the laws of nature and force. Gravity and motion, energy and gases, matter and anti-matter are all par the course.

To become a physicist, it is generally held that you need a doctorate either in physics itself, or something very close. Not philosophy. That’s something else completely. It has to be science. Additional training is sometimes needed.

№10 Political Scientist

Political Scientists, as you might expect, research the science behind politics. Using analytics, they investigate the political life of different countries, compare the relations between each country, and monitor and research the key decisions made.

Political science has a few different rungs; you can qualify with a bachelors degree for a base-level position, and you can even qualify for a research job if you have a Masters. But to become a fully fledged political scientist who can teach at Universities, you’ll need a PhD.