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The fact of the matter is that many people want to get a PhD, have worked hard to get a Master’s and would like to take that final step to the highest levels of academia, but simply can’t find the time and spare effort with all the other responsibilities that they have in their lives. That’s where an online university can be great, they provide you with the same in depth and high quality education that you expect for a PhD, but they make it more flexible and possible by providing you with a portable venue for your classes. With online classes you can choose where you are, make your schedule more flexible and ultimately make it all that much more possible and accessible to get the PhD degree you’ve always wanted. Apply now to the University of the Rockies and get started on the path to your PhD today.

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Get Accepted to the University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies programs

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Despite it being an online school and allowing you a more flexible and accessible schedule it still doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get in. Like any PhD program you have to be highly accomplished and successful in your previous academic and professional endeavors, and you need to be able to prove this success and express what you’ve done effectively. To do this they will likely review your Master’s thesis and see if it’s original and intriguing enough, and if it’s contributed to the field, as well as any other academic work that you may have done that contributes to the field in which you’re studying. Furthermore, you need experiential support like at least one letter of reference, and you need to write a high quality and convincing statement of purpose. With all this in mind it can be tough to accomplish these things, but if you can then you’ve got a fantastic chance to get that PhD at the University of the Rockies.

The Most Accessible PhD Degree Program

Getting a PhD is simply an impossibility for so many people who are restricted to in class PhD programs, but when you are aware of high quality online PhD programs like the one at the University of the Rockies then you know that there are better and more flexible options.

The University of the Rockies is one of the most respected and high quality online programs, so apply and get a PhD!