USC Marshall School of Business

Getting a PhD in business is a sure step towards success. It provides you with numerous opportunities to move forward, whether you want to go further into academics and business theory or you want to bring your skills to the job market. Deciding where to get your business degree can be tough, but one of the best places on the west coast to do it is the USC Marshall School of Business. There are many places that you can get a business degree, but for the most specialized and comprehensive experience, as well as a department with the best and most respected teachers, then it’s good to find an institution that has an entire school devoted to it, like USC does. The USC Marshall School of Business offers one of the most rigorous and respected business online PhD programs in the country. They’re known for fostering independent thought and work, yet within a strong and conducive framework, so if this sounds right for you check them out!

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Get Accepted to the USC Marshall School of Business

Marshall School of Business phd

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Business school is all about innovation, about teaching you how it’s been done, but also how it can be done, and how you can do it. The USC Marshall School of Business is known for its unique coursework and the success of its graduates, so if you’re into pushing the envelope and getting a unique experience they could be perfect for you. A lot of the time getting a PhD at an institution such as this comes down to what you’ve accomplished not just in the classroom but out of it, if you have any publications, and how effectively you can convince them in the personal statement. With good qualifications and a well written personal statement you’ve got a good chance at getting accepted.

Of course there are many different factors to consider where you’re going to complete your doctorate, not the least of which is the location, and what better place to spend a few years than Los Angeles, with the beaches and the pristine location. Not only does this institution provide you with a great education, they get you a great and enjoyable experience as well!

For a great experience and a chance at success go with USC Marshall School of Business!