Walden University Doctoral Program

It’s becoming more and more common for people to seek degrees from online institutions, but many people assume that these stop at undergraduate, or perhaps Master’s. What they don’t know is that the most comprehensive online universities often offer high quality online PhD programs as well, and Walden University is one of these. At Walden University you can get a wide range of PhD programs from their various departments, and you can do so without having to find the time for extensive classroom experience. With a PhD from Walden University everything can be done in the comfort of your home, or in any location that you deem necessary, and it allows you to get a PhD while keeping the rest of your life, commitments, and responsibilities intact. However just because it’s an online university doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get into, there are still requirements to fill.

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Get Accepted to the Walden University Doctoral Program

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The requirements to fill in getting accepted to the University Doctoral Program are similar to others; you need to express a measure of accomplishment and success in your field. You need a good GPA, and you need to have contributed meaningfully to the field in which you’re studying. It doesn’t with academics though, Walden also expect workplace accomplishments, and good reviews and referrals from employers as well. Finally, and perhaps one of the most overlooked but important parts of the application process, is the statement of purpose. A good statement of purpose is crucial because it expresses to them what you mean to do with your degree, whether you’re worthy of a position in their institution and how you will take advantage of what you get out of it. Writing a statement of purpose is hugely challenging, but if you put the right amount of time into it, get a good letter of referral, and have the academic and professional credentials, then you could get in and get that PhD!

That’s just what an online school like Walden University is, it’s an opportunity to get the degree that would have been otherwise impossible. Apply now and you can get a PhD that’s more accessible and possible than ever!

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